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Welcome to Manaslu circuit  Trekking

Manaslu trek villge

Manaslu trekking route, Manaslu trekking, manaslu treks

Facts of the Manaslu circuit trekking

Trekking itinerary-12 days or 13 days or 14 days or 15 days

Trekking style-tea house or camping

Permit-Manaslu restrication permit, Manaslu conservation permit, Annapurna conservation permit

Trekking cost-$900 usd(12 days), $960 usd(13 days), $1020 usd(14 days), $1070(15 days)

Other alternative route of the manaslu trekking

Manaslu trek Guide

Passing the following village distance in Manaslu trekking

Arughat , soti khola, Jagat, Deng, Ghat, Namrung, Lho, Samagaon, Samdo, Dhamashala, Larkya pass, bhimtang, tilje, Dharapani


Tsum valley manaslu trekking

from phillim it takes 2 days to reach the Chekampar then reach up to the mugumpa back to the phewa. It is 19 days itinerary both tsum valley and manaslu trekking.Manaslu trek Nepal, Manaslu circuit trek, trek in manaslu circuit

Lower to upper manaslu trekking 18 days

It is alternative trekking from Arughat and connecting the historical capital of Gorkha. from the starting point can see the mount. Manaslu which give the sense of the our destination accross the himalaya. Gorkha palace, Pokharithowk, Tallo darbar are the ancient heritagte of the lower manaslu trekking. Then, down do the Dharaudhi river which is resources of the mount. Manalsu.

Gorkha bazzar, nareshower, Barkpak home stay village, Gumda, sinja, Khorla benshi are the itinerary before reaching the main trail of the manaslu trekking.

lower manaslu rupina pass to upper manaslu trekking

After Barpak home stay village this follwing the north west from the Gupsi danda then rupi na la pass  and joining to the phewa after 3 days. it need a camping 3-4 days. it is very fascianting and rewarding trekking in manaslu areas.

Manaslu trek guide in manaslu trekking

Overviews of the Manaslu trekking

Manaslu circuit trek famous this time because of the tea house facility and geographically connecting to the Annapurna circuit trek. Manaslu circuit trekking permit work also in Annapurna circuit trekking. Manaslu trek also recognized as the larkkya pass trekking which connect the Manang and Gorkha.manaslu upper village is the neighbour  village both tibet and Manang as well as annapurna cirucit.Before there is only permit for climbing later on after 1991 possible the regulating certain number of the tourist of this areas. we found from the resources Japanese climbed in 1956 mount. Manaslu. we desgin 12 days manaslu circuit to the 15 days itinerrary

Manaslu Guide with Local people.

manaslu trekking Nepal, Nepal manaslu trekking, manaslu trek itineary

Manaslu trekking lies between langtang and Annapurna areas of the kathmandu and pokhara. Specially mount. Manaslu 40 km north from the Annapurna trekking areas. To preserve its pristine culture and traditional values government of Nepal declared the special permit in the manaslu trekking area and officially opened in 1992. manaslu trekking starts from the Arughat Bazzar however this time bus can reach directly to the Macho khola trade center of the people of the lower manaslu area. Salt trading route to upper budhi Gandaki river. There are two tribes division nurphi and Tsum. Nurphi are contact the outer world since 1950 while Tsum are still out of the contact of the main stream of the Nepal. In the route of the manaslu trekking there are water falls and hotwater pond as well as Buddhist monasteries in samagaon and larke Bazzar which seemed still medieval look.

Both geographical and cultural point of the views manaslu trekking are very fascinating and spectacular because of the lake pass that is sensational and dramatic Himalayan to pass. Still there are trade between people of the larke and  Tibet, because of the facility of the chinease government to the bordering people of Nepal. Entire clothese, language  are totally influence the traditional heritage of the Tibet. In the Manaslu trekking we pass through the pristine village Samagaon, Sirdibas and Samdo then after passing the larkya la we decent down to the marshyandhi valley, regular route of Annapurna circuit trekking and end to the Chame because of the road facility . If you interested another passes of the Throng-la Annapurna , same permit can work and continue to the fascinating traffic route to the Manang.

manaslu trek itinerary, itinerary of manaslu trek, trekking itinerary of manaslu

The region , which is also termed the manaslu conservation area comprises sub-troptical HImalayan foothills to arid trans-Himalayan high pasture boardering  tibet.

Permit of the manaslu region trekking:

Manaslu region or manaslu trekking is the restrication areas, so there are essential many kinds of the permit. Manaslu restrication permit, Manaslu conservation area fee and Annapurna areas conservation fee because manaslu trekking ending in the Annapurna region. Restriation area permit cost $70 usd per person for 7 days , similarly manaslu conservation area permit cost Rs. 2000 NPR, Annapurna conservation area permit also Rs. 2000 NPR. Mainly trekking guide cost  $30 per day but this prices included if you buy a full board package for the manaslu trekking

Manaslu trek cost , manaslu trekking style, manaslu trek guide, trekking package

Itinerary of the Manaslu trekking

1. Arrive in Nepal

2. Sightseeing in Kathmandu Valley

3. Katmandu to Arughat by bus

4. Arughat to Lapu

5. Lapu to Dovan

6. Dovan to Philim

7. Philim to Biphedi

8. Biphedi to Lho

9. Lho to samagaon

10. Rest day in Samagaon

11. Samagaon to Samdo

12. Samdo to Dharmashala

13. Dharmashala to Bhimtang

14. Bhimtang to Dharapani

15. Dharapani to Benshiar by jeep then bus to Kathmandu.


Above are the 15 days itinerary of the manaslu trekking , we are modified this itineary for the 12 days , 13 days, 14 days still possible 11 days itinerary for the  people who are like a local people physical fitness.

Permit cost of the manaslu trekking

First one week sept. November $70 usd and per day $10 usd

Dec. to August $50 usd per week and per day $10 usd.

Manaslu tea house trek

Manaslu trekking, trekking in manaslu, manaslu treks

Itinerary discusstion about manaslu circuit trekking:

12 days itinerary of manaslu circuit trekking is good for fit trekkers. It has tight itinerary even have one rest day in Samagaon. 13 days itinerary have a chance to shorten days trek after larkya pass. many trekkers feel pain their leg so better to stay in the launch period in Kharche. 13 days itinerary have this chances. 14 days itinerary of the manaslu trekking get more oppourtanity to rest one more days in samdo beside the samagaon.

15 days trekking more flexible have chances to one day shortren itinerary , 1 day rest samagaon and another 1 day rest samdo. not only this middle between Bhimtang and Dharapani have chances to stay ome more days.Even 11 days manaslu treking possible if you no rest day and tight itinerary.

Manaslu trek Guide Nepal

What kinds of the permit need for the manaslu trekking?

Even getting a permit of manaslu trek seems difficult but organizing the trip is no difficult. Facility of the lodges, tea houses without organizing the camping style easy to do manaslu trekking. Chang of the document needed not only one restriction permit of manaslu but also manaslu conservation area  entry fee. Still check out point of Manaslu is via section of the Annapurna region(Dharapani). So, it is again obliged to take Annapurna conservation ticket. This time another one documentation also added this is  called timms card.Local people of manaslu feels  and expressed no good to kept manaslu trekking region like a bird in the cage.They demand  to the Government of Nepal and ministary of tourism avoid a restriction area  for the manaslu region so that more tourism increasing like a Everest and Annapurna.

Manaslu trail

What is a process to get a permit of the Manaslu trekking?

Manaslu trekking permit cannot get individually. For this , one need to join a trekking agency. Trekking agency can issue permit if they have following  document.

1.  Members of the trekking agent association of Nepal.

2.  Tax Clear certificate

3.  Certificate of the foreign money exchange

4.  Food list in the manaslu areas

5.  Insurance of the field staff

6.  Certificate of the trekking guide

Only after this immigration of Nepal give the permit of the Manaslu region. Permit of manaslu like a visa from Kathmandu to manaslu trekking .

Manaslu trek Guide cost

What  is the cost of the Manaslu trekking permit?

Autmn season one week permit cost $70 usd, MCAP and ACAP cost Rs. 4000 NPR,Timms card $10 usd.

What is the cost of Manaslu trek Guide?

Guide hiring cost different in trekking agency to agency. Some agency just like to provide the guide even it is not package. They just want service charge to make a restriction permit of manaslu. Manaslu treks without package possible but it is not possible without guide. In the package trip of manaslu included the Guide, fee, tax, vat etc.

Is it possible Manaslu trek without package?

Some trek agency operate the Manaslu trek without package but Every trek agency may not open  this trip if there is no package. Our Manaslu trek agency operate the manaslu circuit trek even no package. In our thoughts without package trip it will be easy manaslu trekkers and operating agency.it is we define also eco friendly trip to the manaslu region. Even in the package trip there are included and excluded the food item and facility. So, without package customer have a freedom to choice there food item according to their  interest.

Manaslu trek Nepal

What is the package cost of Manaslu trek?

Package cost of manaslu region is directly proportional with the Itinerary. There are12 days to 15 days trek itinerary of the manaslu region trekking in Nepal. Some people even finished 11 days it is little bit hurried way. Our manasu trek agency provide $900 usd for the 12 days manaslu trek and $1100 usd for the 15 days trip  to the Manaslu trekking Nepal.

What is the best itinerary of the Manaslu trekking?

14 or 15 days are best itinerary of the Manaslu trekking. In the 14 days itinerary there are 2 days rest. 1 day in the manaslu village , samagaon another is in Bhimtang , after crossing the larkya la.

In 15 days itinerary is more comfortable. From  Namrung there are feeling to beginning inner Manaslu region treks Nepal. Before namrung General itinerary is tight, if one days give more that will be less pressure of walking. Another days are like a 14 days itinerary of the Upper mustang trekking.

How I book the Manaslu trekking?

First fixed the price and way to book(package or service charge) then send advance for the booking. After you arrival then permit will be issue. Generally permit will be issue after showing the original passport.

What is the transportation of the manaslu treks Nepal?

Bus or jeep from Kathmandu to Sotikhola. Then after finished trek from Dharapani to Beshishar by Jeep then your choice by bus, car, jeep to Kathmandu from Beshishar.

Manaslu trek Guide cost

honeymoon in Nepal

Manaslu trekking

Trekking guide in Nepal

Upper mustang trekking where you find the pure Tibetan culture outside the  boundary of Tibet.It is best option to research the  Tibetan old sociology near the boarder of the  Tibet within territory of the Himalaya region of Nepal.

manaslu trekking nepal detail info by the mountain Air Guided adventures(p.)ltd. , a best professional guide own trekking agency Nepal