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Rara Lake Trekking


How to get Rara Taal(lake)?

Taal or Tal is the Nepali translation from the word Lake. Lake means Taal in Nepali simply. if you  thinking about Rara lake and want to know to go there , we will share our experience to get in Rara lake. How to go Rara Taal(lake) this is frequent question for the  new travellers. Many people phone our agency and have frequently same  how question to go Rara lake. we Nepali say Rara taal or tal instead to say Rara lake. of course we know but our mother tongues since childhood this. There are  following option  to go Rara Tal

By Bus and Jeep.

Bus to Jumla and walk 3 days to Rara lake then back to Nagma takes 2-3 days then by bus to kathmandu. if you are in a group  you can hire a jeep to go Rara taal Nepal. it takes 6 night 7 days to go Rara Lake by jeep with jumla as well as. if you hire a jeep you donot walk long 2-3 days. but walking with friend in a group  tour to Rara Taal also more amusing idea. if you are going Rara taal by bus and walk , you have also option come back by flight from Talcha.

By trekking after Bus:

Drive to Jumla then 3 days walk to Rara then come back to Nagma then bus to Surkhet.

Going by plane from Nepalgunj to Rara Taal and come back by walk and Bus(flight and Bus to Rara Lake)

flight to Talcha Airport then walk 3-4 hours to Rara Taal(Lake) then  walk to jumla takes 2-3 days then back to Surkeht or kathmandu by bus.

Flight to Jumla and fly out From Rara Taal(Talcha)

Flight to Jumla from Nepalgunj then 2-3 days walk to Rara Taal, then fly out to Nepalgunj from Talcha Airport. Similarly, flight to Rara taal and back to Nepalgunj via Jumla.

Simikot to Rara Taal

fly to Simikot then 5-6 days to walk Rara Lake then fly back to Nepalgunj. .

Rara lake trekking organized by the rara lake trekking agency Nepal. Book a trip in rara lake with best prices.This time without camping , home stay style can visit the Rara lake trip. Because of the off road facility from Jumla to Rara Lake it is possible to go by Jeep and any other fourwheel drive to Rara lake many domestic tourism increasing. we organize the trip  College student, university for the educational tour as well as.

Board of Rara national park and rara lake

Home stay local lodges  in Rara Lake tour

from Jumla to Rara lake there are many home stay category local lodges. available simple accommodation, bread, Nepalese food rice and curry. most of the lodges goat meat. It is amazing cheap local food eventhough  it is remote places.

Kathmandu to Jumla by bus

Rest day in Jumla because of long drive

Jumla to Daphe Layna(3130m)

Daphe layna to Bhulbul(3130m)

Bhulbul to Rara lake(2980m)

Rest day in Rara lake

Rara lake to Gorosigha (3190m)

Gorosigha to sinja(2440m)

Sinja to Jaljalachaur(2370m)

Jaljalachur to Jumla(2270m)

Jumla to kathmandu by bus or Nepalgunj flight

Rara lake beauties picture. it takes 2 days from Jumla

There are many option to go Rara Lake trek. You can direct flight to Rara in Talcha Airport from Surkhet and Nepalgunj then back by flight another day if you have short time in Nepal trekking holidays. it has many option and flexible itinerary of the Rara lake. Both domestic and international tourist Rara lake is very popular tourist destination in Nepal.

Rara trek Nepal going to become the popular for both domestic  and international tourist

Flight to flight trek itineary of Rara Lake

1. Kathmandu to Nepalgunj flight

Then, Nepalgunj to Talcha flight Then overnight stay there.

2. Walking to the Rara lake and overnight stay there.

3. Walk back to Talcha airport 3-4 hours, then fly out to Nepalgunj and back Kathamndu.

Rara Nepal trek is one of the tranquil and beauties trek in Nepal

It is also possible Rara lake to simikot trek. You have chance to stay in the local lodges and traditional salt trading local people route.still you see lots of local people walk from this route There are many passes ,old village on the trail. most of the trail follows on the banks of the Karnali Rivers and 2 hours up before reaching the simikot Bazzar.

Itinerary of the Rara simikot trekking:

After Rara lake, you can trek to the Bama

Bama to Chenkheli pass then Satthoplo

Satthoplo to Piplang

Pilang to Annapani

Annapani to Lalikharka

Lalikharka to Simikot

Hotel and Guest house in Rara lake. Around the Rara lake there are just one Hotel

Rara lake trek Guide

I have been in trekking profession since 17 years in Nepal. Recently i visit Rara lake to explore the beauties , trail and enviroment. I found by surface transport  also possible to do rara lake. mostly local people target to be in Rara lake. For the international tourist they like to go lake by explore the nature, animal and local life. YOu can fly jumla then trek to Rara lake.

rara lake trek guide mr. Naba Thapa recently has been Rara lake

There are also bus service to jumla Khalanga then trek to the Rara lake within 2 or 3 days. Then , it is flexible option to back to Nepaljunj by flight from Talcha or walk back jumla from sija valley after that it is your choice to fly Nepalgunj or come back kathmandu by bus.

changing colors in rara lake

Rara lake trek is one of the beautiful and exotic trek in Nepal. Rara is the glory and jewel of the heaven on the earth. if you fly to jumla it takes three days to reach Rara lake. you can directly fly to Talcha then  same days go to Rara lake. One days rest and look around. Again back to Talcha then Nepalgunj. so, if you fly in Talcha and fly out from Talcha it is just four days from Nepalgunj or Surkeht to Rara Lake. fly in Jumla and fly out from Talcha takes six days itinerary of the Rara Lakes. if you extend the Sinja valley it will takes nine to ten days. there are many flexible way to go Rara lakes. you can go all the way bus to jumla and come back to Surkhet and Nepalgunj also by back. Mode of the transportation effects the itinerary of the Rara Lakes trekking.Rara lake earned famed from the tours and trekking both internal and Domestic tourism.

Fly in and out from Talcha for Rara Lake trek

Day one: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj by bus

Day two: Nepalgunj to Talcha fly then trek to Rara Lake

Day three: Rest day in Rara lake for explore the Rara lake

Day four: Trek to Talcha airport

Day five: Talcha to Nepalgunj or Surkeht  or by night bus come back

Day six: come back to kathamndu or pokhara

Rara lake itineary by bus and Plane

Day one: kathamndu to Surkhet

Day two: Surkhet to Jumla

Day three: look around the jumla

Day four: Jumla to Choutha

Day five:Coutha to Jhari

Day six: Jhari to Rara lakes

Day seven: Rest day in Rara lake

Day  Eight: Rara lake to Talcha Airport

Day nine: Talcha to fly back Nepalgunj and night bus to Kathmandu.

Sinja valley Rara lake and Jumla trek itinerary:

Day one:Kathmandu to Nepalgunj by bus

Day two: Nepalgunj to Jumla flight

Day three: Jumla to naurighat

Day four: naurighat to Bhulbhule

Day five: Bhulbhule to Rara Lake

Day six: Rest day in Rara Lake

Day seven: Rara lake to Bota

Day Eight: sinja valley and Nagma

Day nine: Nagma to Surkhet

Day ten: Surkhet to Kathmandu.

Talcha Sinja Raa Lake itinerary

Day one:kathmandu to Surkeht or Nepalgunj by bus

Day two: Fly to talcha then trek to Rara lake

Day three: explore Rara lake

Day four: Rara lake to Sinja valley

Day five : Sinja valley to Jumla

Day six: Jumla to Nepalgunj by flight

Day seven: Nepalgunj  to Kathmandu by bus.

Manaslu trekking

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Annapurna trekking

Upper mustang trekking where you find the pure Tibetan culture outside the  boundary of Tibet.It is best option to research the  Tibetan old sociology near the boarder of the  Tibet within territory of the Himalaya region of Nepal.

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