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Home FAQ's

What is Homestay

A homestay is a unique opportunity for a foreign visitor to stay with a local family while learning about the country and culture while you are working, teaching, studying or just sightseeing and traveling within the community.

2) Do guests and new comers who stay in a homestay learn the local's language faster?

Yes. We encourage our host family to share their local language with the guest, at least to be able to communicate basic phrases. At least one member of the host family will be communicative in the guest's native language to ease any communication gap.

3) What is the minimum age to apply for placement at Mountains Homestay?

Persons involved in school volunteer programs should be at least 16 years of age and those doing other types of community work, volunteering, or general tourism should be at least 18 years of age.

4) What is the minimum and maximum stay in Mountains Homestay?

Guests may stay for any long or short term period that they desire. In high season, priority will be given to one week or longer stay requests.

5) What kind of housing is available in a homestay?

We have 20 different families participating in the program among 8 different ethnic groups. The family will provide you with furnished room and attached or non-attached bath, with or without television, depending on your preference. The facility will be similar to hotel/guesthouse facility but with home cooked meals provided.

6) What items will be in my room? Are utilities included? Is Internet access included? Will I have my own bathroom?

The fixed daily rate will include your meals, laundry service and all utilities. Internet, private attached bathroom, television, etc are facilities that are available according to the type of household you choose. You may choose between "A" standard and "B" standard accommodation and also check the description on the family's link page to see what kind of extra facility that they plan to provide.

7) Do you provide transportation to my host family?

Yes. We are happy to pick you up from the airport and bring you directly to either our homestay office or family if already allocated. Transportation within Katmandu is very easy as that there are numerous local buses and also taxis available.

8) Will there be any other guests in the homestay?

There may be depending on season. There are up to four bedrooms per homestay flat, so if you do not occupy all the rooms, then some other guests may be allocated to the same family. We will first try to fill the rooms of separate families before needing to join new guests with your family homestay.

9) Are the meal serving times fixed?

The families will follow whatever there routine is in preparing meals and you may join them for taking meals, but if you have some special timings that you need to eat because of your daily activities, then you may specially request the family to be flexible with the meal times.

10) Will the host family allow me to use the kitchen to prepare my own meals?

Yes. If you have any particular health or diet concerns or in general would like to prepare your meals, you can just manage some time to do that with your host family in a way that does not interfere with their cooking schedule.

11) Is the host family chosen for me or may I choose the host family?

Yes. You may choose your own family to stay with according to the family options listed on our website. If you are open to any placement, then our office will allocate the most logical choice based on the needs that you have.

12) Once I meet my host family, must I remain with them, or can I choose another family to my liking?

Yes. You may change your homestay choice once you arrive. We recommend that you stay at least three days before changing families because it may be problematic to the family to the change booking suddenly. In low season, it will be less problematic so you may also change your booking from the office even before you stay at the house if you have some specific homestay preference.

13) Will I receive a key to the house to come in and out?

Yes. The family will provide you full access to the door and gate so that you need not depend on the family always.

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