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Saturday, 08 April 2017 06:53

Kathmandu to Bhairawa  bus ticket  information give the Kathmandu bus deparature time, bus secdule and Cost of hte Bus ticket. There are night and day bus from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa. and night Ac Deluxe bus from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa. Bhairahawa and Sunauli just 2 km far. Comfort and Air compression Bus leave at morning 7 Am and night 7 pm from Bhairahawa Sunauli Bus station Kathmandu Nepal. Book and reservation Bhairahawa and Sunauli Bus ticket from green city travel and tours. Ac Deluxe bus cost Rs. 1000 NPR one person. Mostly Bhairahawa and Sunauli bus for lumbini and India travel and tours.Kathmandu to Bhairahwa bus give the detail information about the bus departure time, Types of the bus to go Bhairahawa and Bus routes to Bhairahawa from Kathmandu. Ac deluxe bus cost Rs. 1000 NPR and Super Ac deluxe bus to Bhairahawa from Kathmandu has a inside toilet, mini bar, rest room. Super deluxe bus to Bhairahawa has both day and night facility. Morning 7 Am super Ac bus departure to Bhairahawa . you will get Bhairahwa around 3 pm if you departure at 7 Am from Kathmandu. Kathmandu Bhairahawa Kathmandu Bus ticket reservation by the Bhairahawa Kathmandu bus reservation agency . Super deluxe bus cost Rs. 1850 NPR if include launch and Breakfast. Not only deluxe types of the Bus to go Bhairahawa there are mini Bus and Micro Bus to Bhairahawa from morning to Evening.   Kathmandu to Bhairahawa has 283 km Bus distance. Before Bhairahawa bus reached to the butwal Bazzar which is 261 km from Kathmandu. Bhairahwa and Butwal is connecting by the local bus and direct bus for travelling. Both Butwal and Bhairahwa is in the teari region of Nepal. When you are rech in Narayanghat bazzar then beginning to come flat landscape  then it is easy to drive. Narayanghat Bazzar to Butwal is 110 km by the road and access within 3 hours. Bhairahawa is the bordering point to India and Sunauli border Bhairahawa just 2-3 km by the distance. Kathmandu to Bhairahawa bus for the India tours from Nepal. Gorkhapur railway station is 90 km from Bhairahawa Sunauli and access by the jeep and Bus. If you hire car from Bhairahwa to Gorkhapur it cost around Rs. 1500 INR. Kathmandu to Bhairahawa has 283 km by distance and daily ac deluxe and deluxe bus facility from Kathmandu. Kathmandu to Bhairahawa bus departure time , bus cost and types of the bus details information by the Kathmandu to Bhairahawa bus agency. Kathmandu Bhairahwa  bus types. Probably Bhairahawa and Sunauli is the nearest boarder to go India from Nepal. Morning 6:30 Ac bus departure to Bhairahawa from Bhairahawa bus station Kathmandu. Then, 7 Am super ac bus and Ac bus departure to Bhairahwa city from Kathmandu. Kathmandu Butwal Bhairahawa bus ticket booked by the Green city travel and tours.

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