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Sunday, 22 May 2016 00:49

Dhaulagiri circuit trek:

From Dobang to Sallaghari 3 places I feel difficult to walk because of the landslide. Before Glacier camp there is a avalanches the way so was cut off the Glacier way. We have to wait there till next morning and cross the rivers by the rope. Similarly after pass the Thapa we missed the way for 2 hours and before camp I lost the way near yak kharka. I did not find out the way. From Italian base camp due to the narrow road I feel little scary.


Dhaulagiri circuit:

After Thapa pass:

After down one hours from  Thapa pass we meet the water then we cooked noodle soup. Again we continue to the down then confuse the way. Either go down or turn left side. There is a cloudy down. So we move little left and down in the Gorge actually that was no right way. Again back the same way and down from another way but we meet more hills and rock mountain. Again back to same direction and moving up from the Gorge. Then Sherpa found the way after come back the same way up. Then we are going to following the Sherpa. Then we see the traces of the way. We already spent the 2 hours for identify the way. Then we walk east  south side still coming way was narrow because of the previous experience of the narrow trail I felt easier then before. Our guide and Sherpa whistling from far distance. To follow the whistling I walk and make a more speed. Already become the dark  even new sprit of power walking . I think Yak kharka already passing , but still going to coming. I have torchy light  then that makes easy I see the crane above the yak kharka. Then with the tourch light I follow the crane. Near the Yak kharka crane was gap, I did not see any things. Then , hapazaryly I walked to find the way. But couldnot find. I have no any alternative ideas even I try till I can. There was cloudy I can see from touch light. Already I was tired more than that I feel thirsty. Then , I made plan to look the water instead of the shelter. In the long trying process, I heard the sound of the water. I feel thirst is sweet then water after heard the very thrilling sound of the water. Then, I see some body little bit far from me with the tourch light. I felt marpha village is coming. But things was different, that was my illusion, the man who lighting is our porters. They are not regret even little to left me. I felt very happy I was found there unexpected things. I that time looking for water but found the home. I felt guest for some another man house because there was zero percent hope to find them. I drink more water first then after drinking water I felt hunger. still next porter were missing. We were confuse either he is behind us or he already left  for Marpha. Sherpa were hurried for the journey, actually they are no sincere for the responsibility. Next day all the way down to the Marpha from yakkharka. Even Rame was not  there. I felt very worried either he is coming or missing or fell from cliff. They left me also they left another porter but instead of the excuse they are going to aggressive for me. So, I calculation and analyzing  that journey teaches me more lessen and make more matured. We stayed one day in kagbeni and next day we back to Beni.


1.Kathamndu to Beni by bus:

2.Beni to Dharapani:

Kathmandu to Beni by bus. We tent one night in Hotel in Beni who gave us ground for the tent. We shopping in the Beni then next day we drive to Darbang  then continue trek to Dharapani.

3. Dharapani to Muri: after Breakfast we start the trek then take a launch at Tekam. Then down to the Rivers  after crossing the river from Next side we climp up to the Muri village.

4. Muri to Bogara: we down to the Nauribhir and take a launch.we eat launch there. After there tough road to the Bogara.

5. Bogara to Dobang:we start the trekking at 8 Am then we are going to take a launch place of the hot spring called Jayrden. Then continue to the Dobang.

6. Dobang to Sallaghari:

Way was land sliding. Before sallaghari in three places we have struggle very much. 2 hours before from Sallaghari we make a launch in a brook. Then continue to the  Sallaghari. Was rain in the night and leakage of water drops.


Day 07. Sallaghari to Italian base camp:

We reached there in launch time and took about 2 hours to access there. We see three Gun man , they are local person. One of the man back to the Italian base camp because he is the owners of the Lodge in the Italian base camp. After launch we are look around the places and explore the further going way. We spent the time there was open and good places.

Day08. We did not rest in the Italian base camp because we had long day to rest after launch. I worried about the narrow and scary way of the Chobarden Glacier. Way is narrow at the time of the crossing and after crossing. In the Italian base camp we make a launch then continue  to the  glacier camp. We cannot climb up there was recent avalanches the way to go Italian base camp. We stay just down from the starting from the Glacier.

Day09. We again cannot pass the Glacier. We have just one opportunity to cross the river. I feel easier to cross the river then climbing  from the avalanche way. Then, they fixed the rope after one Sherpa climbed up to the next side of the Rivers. Then, we continue up to the  Dhaulagiri base camp. All the places was dirty because of the left things without caring.

Day10. We passing many camps where is left the  many things from climbers. Then difficulty of the way coming and we continue climbing up to the French col. Then down to the Hidden valley. We tent there.

Day 11. Hidden valley to yak kharka

We missed the way and reached very late .

Day 12.Yak kharka to Marpha

Day 13. Marpha to Beni

Day 14. Beni to Kathamndu.

I categorize the Dhaulagiri circuit trek following way:

Tired trail-Nawaribhir to Bogara

Landslide trail-Before Some parts of Sallaghari and  and after Dobang

Dangerous trail: after Italian base camp there is Pakoban. Getting down to the Chonbardan glacier and climb up from there to swiss base camp. Before Glacier camp there is a sleeper way.

Confusing and missing way: After Dhampus pass there are no way seemed if there are snow fall. So, very experienced  trekking guide important to go Dhaulagiri circuit trek Nepal. Those are suffering one time, he will be matured and become the perfect Guide for the Dhaulagiri treks.

Arrangement  for the Dhaulagiri trek Nepal:

Fixed a number of filed staff according to the Group.

Manage the trekking gear such as rope, sleeping bag, tent and other climbing equipment

Food  and cooking pots estimation : pasta, flour, rice, noodle, rice, Egg, Banana, can juice,  cereals, Muesli etc.

First Aid, Rescue Management: It is necessary satellite phone, First Aid in Dhaulagiri circuit trek Nepal.

Insurance : trekkers should have insurance in this trip and trekking agency make insurance for all group guide and crew members.

Cost of Dhaulagiri circuit trek: we arrange before for our Guest  with climbing Guide, 3 porters, one guide, Tent and equipment  $2300 usd per person.

Before I go Dhaulagiri trek:

I only heard the stories from friend, trekkers about the difficulty of the Dhaulagiri circuit trek. It is necessary  average physical fitness in this trip. Recommended very professional guide and agency. Without camping it is not possible to do Dhaulagiri circuit trek. Imaginative French col, swiss base camp, Japanese base camp. More than that hidden  valley, dhampus pass and Yak kharka.  I  used to read blog and reviews of the trip. I had great chance with Raphel  this trip of Dhaulagiri circuit which is great adventurous experience  for me.