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Thursday, 19 May 2016 06:49

Things to Know before to do  Kanchenjunga trek in Nepal

Better reading Experience in Kanchenjunga trek in Nepal

Where is Kanchenjunga trek?

Multiple Kanchenjunga trek starting point

Kanchenjunga North(Pangpema) and sele le pass trip

Tea house condition in Kanchenjunga trek in Nepal

Transportation by plane and bus in Kanchenjunga trek

cost of the food and accommodation in Kanchenjunga trek

Insurance of the Kanchenjunga trek Nepal

Permit of the Kanchenjunga trek

Package cost and facility of the Package

Experience field staff and Professional trek guide

Mike, Li and me visit Kanchenjunga trekking. It was my first time in Kanchenjunga trip, situated in the eastern part of Nepal.

Unforgettable Events of Kanchenjunga  Nepal

Walking from Ghunsa to Lhonak is most unforgettable experience in our trekking life. We reached Khambachen (4155m) in the launch time from Ghunsa(3415m). In the launch time we reached in the Khambachen after walking 4 hours. We passed the forest and rivers and high barren passes. Seemed Khumvakarna Himal, other horizon and heard of the yaks. Lhonak(4792) is coming  4 hours further walking from Khambachen. Kanchenjunga base camp (5140m) which is called also Pang pema. Pangpema is the synonymous  words of the Kanchenjunga base camp trek. From Lhonak it will take 4 hours to reach in the Pangpema. Some customers asked me the inquiry about the Pangpema. I did not know before pangpema means Kanchenjunga Northern base camp. Then , I find out later this concept Tibetan using to addressing Pangpema for KBC(Kanchenjunga base camp).

Near from Lhonak already dark and going to snowing. It is very useful small touch light was very bright. We see small candle light from far side and try to follow this, but we couldnot did this. We follow little bit another ways so how many we cry to listen the tea shop of the  Lhonak no body heard us and response us. So we obliged to stay outside during the night. We meet one cave which  is under the small stone , with difficulty we spent the night. We felt one night like a five night. Was very cold! And windy snowing. I insidely afraid when I remember the snow man. I heard the imaginary stories about this. I look the watch again and again. But just 9 pm, we feel it is going to morning next day but was not. At the difficult time  watch also running very slowly. We were not hungry because of the heavy meal  in khambachen. Still I coudnot explain how cold .Thanks God! When we wake up that time luckily was morning. Mike is sentimentally says,  “we still survive!” After wake up  we took the picture that time I already felt so much  cold so we moving . Yesterday  candle house was not far from our sleeping places. We see this house from far distance and knock. Lodge owners  feel surprises early in the morning people are coming there. They told they heard yesterday night but feel some of the group of trekkers outside. I feel great relief after drinking tea and coffee.


Second adventures experience in Kanchenjunga trip:

Sele le pass to Trotong

We stayed one night in sele le pass after come back from Lhonak. Then we are heading to the sele le pass. I meet the previous group who we met in the Lhonak. There was putting the some cranes in the sele le pass so that it is easier to walk even there are snowing. There are traditionally  rest house in the place of the sele pass. This is the old route walking from Amphudhin to Ghunsa and Ghunsa to Amphudhin by Local people. Trekking guide from the Ghunsa was open the local tea house in the Sele le pass. All together we were three group of People. I had two  trekkers  and another one also had two. And one of another had 4 people in the group. We shared the experience of the other trekking places. Next morning we started to walk and reached Mirgin la pass (4645m). one hours from Mirgina la there are another Bhanjhang or pass called Sinelapcha (4645m).Then, down to Cheram(3868m), we walked 2 hours from Cheram to Annaphedhi(3310m).  then 2 hours again down Tortong(2910m).

We like to stay in the Annaphedhi but because of the 4 people in the group , we had no space. Plus Hotel owners of Annaphedhi did not give the right information about the further destination and availability of the lodges. we going down and reached the Tortong but all hotel was closed . It was already late what we do. We also confuse the way from  tortong. We crossed the bridge or no crossing. We try the way without crossing the bridge but when we walked into the forest there is narrow and less  space of the way. Then, we decided back to the Trotong. We have no food left in the back pack just 4 biscuit and some museli. We decided to sleep in  the passage of the close Hotel. We just drink water in the night and campfire from the collecting woods. From tortong to Lasiya Bhayang  according to the  Kanchenjunga map seems very near but because of the landslide in the trail it took long time. The way was completely up and because of  the hunger  we couldn’t walk. After the Lhonak , we have great adventures after crossing the sele le la and mirgin la. Even sele la and Mirgin la we crossed very easy way but even in the secure place by the height we felt very difficult and adventures. We have no capacity more to walk further destination. We very difficulty reached top of the forest ridge. We see next part of down hills , there is a children voice we heard and see some children walking on the  ground. Then, we  excited so much  to see the smoking from the one houses. Me, Mike and Liee breathing hope of the foods and warm drinks. Then we down there, really warm environment and nice food there makes me very happy. The hotel person in Lasiya Bhanjhayang(3415m) was very frank and loyal person. He  cooked very delicious food and we feel retreat . I never forget food in Lasia Bhanghyang (3415) in Kanchenjunga trekking Nepal. Then, we down to Amphudhin that takes us 4 hours. Then, we stayed upper part of the Amphudhin(1692m). Food was quite expensive in first lodge , upper part of the Amphudhin. Lower Amphudhin which is Bank of the River told upper part in local dialects “Bhote Gaon”.Then, I compare the things between Ghunsa and Amphudhin. Ghunsa is the last village of the whole Kanchenjunga trekking while amphudhin is the last village of  the Just south base camp of the Kanchenjunga treks Nepal. Dhat Bhat cost in ghunsa rs 450 Rupees  and in the amphudhin  Same Nepalese food  cost cost also Rs. 450 Rupees. Accommodation cost in whole Kanchenjunga areas Rs. 300 Rupees per room. More interesting things in Kanchenjunga areas are Thumba. It is made from fermenting millet and rice. It is just  Rs. 50 to Rs. 80 rupees per pot. Most expensive food cost in Kanchenjunga areas are Lhonak. It is the last part of the tea house in the Kanchenjunga areas. One cup of tea cost Rs. 100 Rupees per person in the Lhonak. Dhat Bhat cost is Rs. 650 rupees per person in Lhonak. Normal Accommodation Rs. 200 NPR. In Kanchenjunga trekking areas there are few trekkers so that  most of the time lodges are closes in Cheram, Ramche, amphudhin, Lhonak. Asking people by the phone will be more convenient. I been there in 2013 in Kanchenjunga south and North base camp. I have not recent updating news about the mobile phone networking . I heard before they installed the tower in Pathivara which will be connected to the Ghunsa and other parts of the Kanchenjunga.

From Amphedhin we stay in Khebang then walk to the melding. We finished the trip adventurous way and taking the new sprit and thoughts , trip of the Kanchenjunga finished. Why less number of the tourist in Kanchenjunga, it has a reason expensive flight to Biratnagar and bhadrapur and long journey of the bus. Also package trip of the Kanchenjunga expensive then  other places it is due to the expensive and remoteness.

Flight ticket to Bhadrapur cost $180 from Kathmandu. Biratnagar to Kathmandu or Kathmandu to Biratnagar flight ticket cost $140 usd per person. For the Nepalese people bhadrapur flight from Kathmandu cost  Rs. 7000 for the it cost Rs400 NPR.

Our itinerary of the Kanchenjunga treks:

Day 1.Kathmandu to flight biratnagar then bus to biratamod. After biramod bus to Panchthar. We stayed one night in Phiddim.

Day2. Phidim to Taplejung by bus then trek to sinwa

General itinerary  there is mention taplejung(1820m) to Miltung. But we reached Sinwa which is two hours far from Miltung((890m). I have chances to meet many local at Sinwa where was the high school and going to held a school leaving exam.

Day. 3. We did not follow the itinerary, we walked fast some time stay rest some hours more. In the Tapethowk there was check point of the Kanchenjunga conservational areas. Then, without staying there we moved to the Sekathum(1650m). it was late evening when we reached the Sekathum. Very nice talk with the  local lodge owners in the Sekathum Kanchenjunga areas. He told his stories about the family tours around the main city and Pokhara. He encourage to make more children so that it will be support for the future.

Day4. Our camp was Amjilosa(2498m) but we are walking 2 hours more from  Amjilosa(2498m).From Sekathum to Amjilosa there is one hours up before reaching to the Amjilosa(2498m). Launch camp possible in the Ghaiyabari(2110m) but was closed all the houses. Local people outside the houses for the farming. When we reached the Amjlosa(2498m), the hotel  owners indifferent for us. Then, we move to the Local hotel up then we enjoy Thomba  and noudle Soup. Then, walking further  Thyangyni(2498m). In thyangyn there was no good place for staying so we move to the Gyabla(2725m). we meet the local porters who are carrying the foods to the Ghunsa. They also stay in the same hotel in the Gyabla.

Day05, we reached to the Ghunsa(3415m) before Ghunsa there are place called Gyabla(2725m). this is the settlement  of the  Tibetan refugee in the  Phale(3215m). we eat Thukpa and momo there and going to the village Ghunsa. Ghunsa is the last village in the Kanchenjunga base camp trek. We rest in ghunsa one day before going to Khambachen.

Day06. We look around the Ghunsa village and rest. We meet the Local people there and chill out.

Day07. Ghunsa to Khambachen is our camp but we continue to the Lhonak. It was dark when we get the Lhonak. We cannot  find the accommodation so we obliged to stay outside the house.

Day08. We back to the  Ghunsa from Lhonak. We eat launch in the Khambachen. Then directly back to the Ghunsa.

Day09. Again we stay in the Ghunsa for the good accommodation for the sele pass.

Day10. We stay in the se le le pass one night.

Permit  of the Kanchenjunga trekking Nepal


Day 11. Sele pass to Trotong where we stay outside the Hotel without food.

Day 12. Trotong to Amphudhin.

Day 13. Amphudhin to Khebang

Day 14. Khebang to Panchami

Day 15. Panchami to melding

Day 16.Meldung to Illam pashupatinagar

Day 17. I stay one night in Darjelling city.

Day18. Stay in the Pashupatinagar.

Day 19. We stay in the Dharan.

Day 20. We drive to  Biratnagar and flight to Kathmandu.

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