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Monday, 16 May 2016 14:07

My Upper mustang solo trip


My imaginative trip to upper mustang which is previous Tibetan tribe last forbidden kingdom. Till 2008 there was a ceremonial  cultural unique kingdom. After republic announcing Nepal then the post of cultural kingdom was gone. I had long dream  and passion to go upper mustang areas since I heard its before 18 years. As soon as I finished Dhaulagiri circuit trek then I go back to Beni to good by my customers who  were trekking with me  for 12 days. I drive from  Beni to Ghasa cost is Rs. 365 Nepalese rupees. After 4 hours of drive and go to the jomsom. It was already 3 o’clock there was less chance to get the jeep to go from Jomsom to Chusang. Then I decided to stay in the kagbeni and began to walking to there. One jeep I saw from far to come same direction where I am moving. Then I stop the jeep and countinuous my yatra journey  the Chusang from Jomsom. Jeep was going to Chusang for pick up the people , like a hitch hikers  I stop this. Jeep cost was Rs. 399 Rupees. I feel lucky myself  that like a reservation way I have chances to go Chusang by paying only  Rs. 399 Rupees. My happiness knews no bounds because  my dream going to fulfill after many years. Before just I read in the internet and heard the different stories about the upper mustang areas. In the Evening I reached the Chusang  and looking for the Hotel. I involved to drink local wine with the jeep drivers  at that days. I was gone mustang for research the places, tea house in the mustang areas. And I also curious to know the cost of the Accommodation and room. Room cost was  Rs. 500 NPR, Dhat bhat cost is RS 250 NPR. It is very amazing cheap Beer price than jomsom when going up to kagbeni . Rice  chicken curry cost was Rs. 350 NPR. Food and local accommodation in the upper mustang is cheaper then the other trekking areas of Nepal.

Next morning  I go to the jeep places. According to the jeep committee there is a rules running jeep in a time either there is a passenger or no. 8 Am was the jeep time from Chusang to Lomangthang. It took 6 hours to reach Lomangthang from Chusang. I paid Rs. 1500 NPR for the jeep from Chusang to Lomangthang. They said for the foreign people it cost Rs. 3000 NPR which is double than the Nepalese price. It is amazing Three different jeep changing until reach the  Lomangthang. From  chele to Samar was another different driver. After end of the samar again another jeep driver have turn to reach the Upper mustang called Lomangthang.

After samar jeep is waiting the people in Vena. Then it move up to the synbuoche. In my analysis all the village and locality was in the gorge of the hills where is availability water. We were just 2 people in the whole jeep and if another jeep coming from lomangthang side, jeep driver asked is it reserve jeep for lomangthang or no.  then again jeep down to Ghilling village in upper mustang. I take a picture from window there is  another monastery in the Ghilling. Then again jeep going to up from Ghilling to Ghami. Again jeep up to the mud rim then down to the Ghami. One village to another village just separate by the hilla. All the village areas seemed greenly because there are facility of the water. But surrounding the hills are barren. again jeep climbed up from  Ghami  and going to top of the hills and down like before. Jeep stop in the Charang for the launch. I enjoyed the new places and environment in upper mustang. There are Tibetan beer, juice and other Nepali food as well as. I prefer to eat rice and meat was cost 350 Rupees. I wonderful the custom of mustang. They have no system adding the curry  when eating rice but they add the lentil soup and rice frequently.

After rest about 2 hours we driving by jeep to Lomanthang the capital of the Lho which was my imaginative places since many years. I did this and my imagination and reality of the  Lomanthang  going to analysis now. I stay two night in Lomangthang. Accommodation cost in Lomangthang with attached bathroom was only RS. 500 NPR, Dhat bhat is same in all mustang trekking either lower or upper. Food is delicious from Jomsom to Taopani than upper mustang. Even rate is same. For the Nepalese people basic expenses for the upper Mustang  is about $500 usd.  I also see the camping group , tea house individual group in Lomangthang. I fixed the accommodation there and beginning to look around. I see the handicraft, thanka shop surrounding there and facility by paying by the card. I visit the royal place in Lomathang , souvenir shop, Monastery and others. Next day I went to Chosar it took me 3 hours to reached there. There was ancient monastery, many cave inside the redmud hills. In the season of the September there is complete harvesting time for the grains mainly wheat, bhuckwheat. I was wandering the natural red mud walls in Lomangthang and neighbouring village  Chosar where is Sinja cave prevalent and more than 20 window there. I again back to Lomanthang then hanging with the local people there. In the day of the third I back to Jomsom by jeep from Lomangthang. I  amuse and feel very happy  to get  the golden chances to visit mysterious upper mustang and capital of the Lo. After come back to Chosar I again get a bus to arrive Jomsom. Foreigners travelers compulsion to pay $500 usd for 10 days travel in Lomangthang. Not only this , they have to pay Annapurna conservation area fee  and Timms card. So I feel I save the money more than sixty thousand because I did not paid this money because for  Nepali people no need a restriction permit  and any kinds of the entry fee for the Upper mustang treks.

My was solo trip to the upper mustang treks but it is not allowed the outbound travelers for the solo trip. It became restriction areas because of the  Tibet and previous symptoms of the shelters of the Dhalai Lama’s followers. So, Upper mustang was opened for the outside the world for the outsiders in 1992. Upper mustang carry a long history in its time because of the 25 the dynasty of the king system which  was elimination just 2008 Ad. Quite mysterious Lho was independent capital In the world before.

To go upper mustang very easy because of the road connection from Pokhara to kagbeni. From Jomsom kagbeni facility to road as well as jeep. In the restricting areas of the trekking in Nepal, I feel upper mustang trek is easier trek among them. From Pokhara you can fly to jomsom and from jomsom you can walk all the way up to mustang or go by jeep. Some people  walking and jeep riding on the way up to upper mustang. From Pokhara and Beni there are Bus service available to the lower mustang. For any information about upper mustang you can ask us.


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