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Saturday, 23 April 2016 12:26

About manaslu trekking Nepal

Manaslu treks circuit the mount. Manaslu from going to manaslu treks and back to Kathmandu. Buses go to Arughat from Malekhu Bridge , then when you come back to Kathmandu  by bus at that time you are already circuit the Manaslu trek in the oval shape. Another literacy name of the manaslu is the “Mountain of the sprit”. Manaslu is the eight highest mountain in  the world which is 8167 m height. It is climbed first by the Japanese expedition group. After 2011, manaslu treks earned more popularity because exist point of the Manaslu trek is Annauprna.

On October 2012  is my first trek in Manaslu region Nepal. Since 2012 to now I been manaslu areas trekking with different trekkers who are searching  and booking with us. I felt manaslu mountain admire   and benevolent me very much. Up to the Namrung trekking is difficult then beginning to inner Manaslu  region or valley. Bhi, Lho, shyla, Samagaon are the inner manaslu region or valley. Then, again difficult trekking  Dharmashala and Larkya pass begin. In My experience down from the larkya pass to Bhimtang section is difficult because of the long steep down. At the time of the snow even donkey cannot Climb up from there. From Arugaht and Arkhet all the grains and other goods transportation by the donkey.


Thoughts and feeling about manaslu trekking

Because of the base of the manaslu region and big village in manaslu areas I heard frequently Samagaon. After Samagaon I used to heard Sirdibas. Phillim (sirdibas) I know after I been there. Similarly Prok, Lho, bhi, Shyla I heard and remember when I been in manaslu trekking region. Old woman in samdo told the past stories about the larkya bazzar. Many villagers down from Gorkhaused to coming bbuying a salt. Similarly from Manang villagers come  by passing larkya la. From Samagaon and Samdo there are still marriage and other relationship with Tibetan parts. Nurbi people medicine herbs and Shurbs  to the lower manaslu parts at the district headquarters. Nigma from Samagaon hotel told me that he come to gorkha and see the peaks of the manaslu  then he easily pointed out his village location. Before I reached the manaslu region  I imagined the larkya pass Tibetan culture, ethnic group etc. Local tea shop and grocery shop  owners  told that local villagers main resources of income is yarchargumba , it is also called the Himalayan Vigara. Villagers used to eat in the credit and pay the money in the yarchargumba season.

When I child from our village many group of camping trekkers pass to the manaslu region. I heard since then larkya pass and Atharasaya Khola. More than that local people coming down Gorkha(district headquarters)  for buying the grains  and other things and they cooked the foods beside the local trails.


There might be different prices quoted  by the different agency for the same types of the trip of the manaslu trekking. We give the tips for the trekkers about the price of the manaslu trek.Price will be different depends on number of customer, style of trekking(Camping or tea house) and quality of the guide. Customer believe big price will be unique and big service. I cannot believe totally this idea. Price will be different number of field staff you are hiring and extra fruits serving service. Even tea house trekking there will be extra fuel and tea coffee making service. That cases prices will be different. In the cases of just hiring guide and porter it is your choice what you like eat but guide can advice you best food and best place. Hiring guide and only porter from us possible without package trip of the manaslu trekking. How we calculation the price without package trip.

Cost of the Manaslu conservation area fee $20 usd

Cost of the Restriction of manaslu trekking $70 usd in Autumn and $50 usd in spring season.

Annapurna conservation  entry fee $20 usd(After passing larkya la Annapurna area coming, so it is essential to take a ACAp(Entry fee)

Timms card $20 usd(it  was no necessary before but new rule by the tourism from last year essential the Timms card)

Just for the permit and documentation of the manaslu trekking it is $130 usd per person. Without package guide cost $30 usd per day. If you are more than two people or any group you can sharing the guide prices.

After issue the restriction permit  we have to pay the tax,vat to the Government of Nepal. So, without package just hiring a guide and buy a permit service charge for the restriction permit making per person  $70 usd.

So, in a two person manaslu trekking without package and just  hiring guide and porter.

Guide charge per person $15 per person($30 usd for two people or more than two)

Guide Charge  per person in 12 days manaslu trekking -$225 usd

We already calculation the permit cost per person -130 usd

Service Charge to make a restriction fee-70

So, 12 days manaslu trekking with guide, permit and service charge per person-$425 usd.

If you like to extend the days just you pay the Guide wages $30 usd per day. This price calculation of manaslu trekking no included the transportation charge. Transportation will be sharing basic or you

Planning in manaslu trekking in Nepal

First you fix the time of trekking in manaslu from 12 days to 15 days, then you can enquire  by the google searching the best manaslu trekking agency. After quoting the price you can book by transfer the advance. Different agency have own rule about the advance to book the manaslu trekking. To fix the date, reserve the guide for this date to trek manaslu, advance for the vehicle for manaslu trip etc. need a advance to trek a manaslu Nepal. In the average there are 20 percent advance money for the manaslu trip confirm. Processing the documentation to issue the manaslu permit is most important and we give first priority for this. Final permit only issue by showing your original passport within 30 minutes.it need a 6 months validity of your passport. You can get  on arrival visa in the intl airport Nepal. $30 visa will be valid until 40 days.

How I find the good and best manaslu trek operating agency.

We give some tips to find out the popular trek agency who organize the manaslu trekking.

Check the organizer of the manaslu treks have face to face experience  about manaslu trek

Observe the trekking Guide list of the manaslu trek agency

Read the feed back of the Customer by reading a Travel news and reviews.

Most of the trekkers know the professional guide agency by reading a article, blog and itinerary of the agency.

You can ask the faq to know the price, professional experience agency and guide.

Why book the Manaslu trekking with us?

We are from manaslu region and trekking manaslu circuit at least 2 times our self with tourist and organize the more than 7-8 group in manaslu areas. We are licensed holder trekking agency of the manaslu trekking and since 1999 A.D. we are dedicated the trekking and tour in Nepal. We devoted the service and gain many experience for the trekking in Nepal. Not only this we are listed the popular travel site such as lonely planet and trip advisor where you can look the customer feedback and reviews.


What is the best season for Manaslu trekking in Nepal?

Spring and Autumn are the best season for the manaslu circuit trekking and larkya pass.


Why manaslu trekking is popular these days?

According to our experience, after opening the tea house in manaslu trekking , it become flexible both camping and tea house trekking. Without spending lots of money, people easily trek the manaslu trek. No tension for searching more field staff for small group trekkers. We see after 2011, there are increasing lots of number of trekkers in manaslu region Nepal. Tourism year 2011 Nepal gives the new concept of home stay facility for the Guest. Former small seasonal tea shop and local lodge (for the local people) going to upgraded as a tea house for the small number of trekkers. Now Manaslu develop as a fully tea house trekking in Nepal. Manaslu is the Tibetan village, it is also called the small Tibet in Nepal. Due to the ancient salt trading route, salt trading market place(Bazar)larke bazzar, Near the proximity of the Tibetan boarder. Dresses, culture, dialects of the Nubri people are same like a Tibetan people. Culturally , Geographically looks like Tibet in the periphery in Nepal. People can meet different landscape, height, climatic

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