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Written by Jumla Rara simikot trip by Naba Thapa   
Tuesday, 12 April 2016 03:56

My First experience in Rara Lake and Humla siimikot trip

My  Rara Lake treks

Rara Lake , Talcha Airport, Jumla, Danphe Lagna, Gahamgadhi, Humla Simikot

I heard many times about jumla ,Rara lakes. I read and know from newspaper about the beauties of Rara lakes. I imagine , that such beautiful lakes why natural make far and remote sites. I read about the Rara lake treks itinerary which was optional to go from Jumla and simikot. There are still many stories about the Rara lake travelling and spellbound its beauties. From its freshness Nature, isolated undisturbed places, fresh water Rara lakes describe as a Nympth of heaven on the Earth. Beginning travelling is a kind of searching of dream. In same vision I start the journey of the Rara lakes.

I catch the bus from Kathmandu to Jumla. I heard it took about twenty seven hours. Morning time we reached Surkhet and Evening in the Kalikot. In kalikot going to rain and snow. Still snow next morning and during the days. I lost two days time around the Jumla because of snow.Children to old man were enjoying the playing snow in Jumla. I take tea and some snacks one local shop in Jumla then they are introduced me. I told my planning to go Rara lakes. Choutha was their village  which is one the way to go Rara lake from jumla. So, I told them participated to walk with them. Next morning we took a next way instead of Danpha leke. It takes 5 hours to reach Danphe lagna from the another side of the Danphe. We are engaging to eat food at the Hotel of Danphe Lagna and spent more than two hours there. Only Success to reach kavara which is one hours down from the Choutha. Next morning climbed up to the choutha with icy way which is remaining of the previous days. From choutha within hours I reached to Bhulbhule. I talked local people in Bhubhule and take a launch. I talked the people who was retired teacher and from Humla. He make me itinerary to go humla and simikot after Rara Lakes.from Bhulbhule after the entry in the Army camp I going up to Ghouchu Leke. It was easy then I heard then I down to the Pina. From the top it took two hours down again took two hours to Jhari the down village of Rara Lake.I stay in the Hotel Mahadev in the Jhari. Like other places there are also battery charge problem. Most of the houses fitting the solar panel so there are limited number of powers of the battery Charging. Hotel owners explain about the former visitors from different parts of the country for the Rara lake. I enjoy best Nepalese food and apple local brandy. Next morning I climbed up to the village and took two hours at the beginning point of Rara Lakes. Then walking one hours more then I reached the Danphe Hotel and park headquarters. I meet the people from Talcha and other tourist. Some are coming by Helicopter from Kathmandu.


Rara lake trip.

I make rara lake trip by land and come back by air. From Kathmandu I ride a bus to jumla, which took 3 days to access jumla. I meet local people in the bus and got many info about the rara lake. They suggest me to come in june,july, august which is more flowering time and seems more interesting by the moisture flowers covering hills and forest.

I ride a direct bus to jumla from Kathmandu. Karnali highways beginning from surkhet or kohalpur. Bus reached at 6 am in the surkhet , then arrive in manma, the district headquarters of the kalikot before 6 pm. Then driver have chances to go Jumla 71 km . weather was already changing. It is going to snowing and raining from far hills. Then I beginning to nervous whether my trip to Rara lake will success or unsuccessful. From Manma road was good but very scary because of more height from the jumla karniali. On the way already snowing, then my friend who I met in the way suggest me and advise me , it will be difficult to go rara lake if continuous to snowing. I decided to get down in Nagma, which is 31 km before from Jumla. They suggest me escape to cross the Danphe Langa from Jumla. I hoped snow will be stop in the night then I have chances to visit sija and Chutha next day. After driving 40 km from Manma I get down from the bus. Still was snowing , iam looking for the collegugeus who are become the guide and friend in the bus. After I take a cup of tea in one local tea shop in Manma lam looking for them. I looked one  by one one every tea shop at last or finally I found them one local tea shop. Then I dining with them same hotel.

Next morning still snow falling, then I afraid to go rara lake. Local people already warning me no  go go there at the time of snow. Then , I reached  second point at least to go Jumala, Khalanga, the district headquarters of the Jumla. I wait the bus to go Jumala and waiting by waiting local tea shop in nagma. Luckly I see the surkhet bus  was stopping in the the Nagma. They carried the vegetable  and handover the ordering people. Passenger were blemed the bus driver about the alternative business of the bus person that makes delay to reach in the Jumla. After driver 20 km from Nagma, bus frequently sleepily so that it become almost impossible that day to reach in Khalanga.  I walked four kiloimeter to the lamra, then next day by walking 10 km I success to reach in Jumla.

My Expenses of the Rara lake and humla simikot trek

Daily Accommodation : Rs. 200 NPR, Dhat bhat rs. 200 NPR  which is 400 Rupees per day,Kathmandu to Jumla bus Rs. 2700 Npr, simikot to Nepalgunj flight  Rs. 5000 Rupees. More expenses will be there if take a Beer, wine and other luxury snacks


Kathmandu to Rara lake by bus

Kathmandu to jumla khalanga 817.80 km long. Bus will be stop in Kalikot Manma during night if it is after 6 pm. Due to the many accident , administrarive of the jumla make a new rules no drive in the night after kalikot. Policemen donot give the bus move in the night. So, if not stop in kalikot after 6 pm, bus to jumla takes 27 hours.

Kathmandu to Jumla khalanga 817.80km-27 hrs

Kathmandu to Surkhet 580 km-7hrs Drive

Kathmandu to kalikot -738 km-20 hrs Drive.

Kalikot to Jumla -76 km-5 hrs Drive

In kalikot 12 hrs bus stop if bus entry after 6 pm. In total with stopping hours bus start from kalikot after 32 hours drive from Kathmandu. Then another 5 hours to reach in jumla. 37 hours bus to reach only jumla from Kathmandu. This is the train time from mumbay to Gorkhapur. So people like to go by plane.

By plane to Jumla

Even you are Bus to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu you can reach within 10 hours. In the morning you will get Nepalgunj if you ride night bus from Kathmandu. It helps save your time because within half an hours you will reach jumla by plane. So bus and plane you can access jumla within 12 hours. You save your time 24 hours even go by bus and plane to jumla. You can reach jumla 2 hours if you ride plane from Kathmandu and Nepalgunj. You save 35 hours instead to go by bus to jumla. About 1 days save only go by plane rather mixing bus and plane. 1 hours by plane to go Nepalgunj  from Kathmandu while bus took 10 hrs.



Flexible itinerary and route to  trek Rara Lake

By Bus to Nagma then 2-3 days walking from Nagma

Kathmandu to Nagma by bus, Namga is 40 km ahead  from Khalanga then you walk to Rara lake directly from Nagma. You have chance to visit Sinja valley if you go directly from Nagma. Second day you can reach Hutu Jhari in launch time then reach rara lake  in the night. This itinerary for the average trekkers those want to visit only Rara lake. For the researcher, Natural lovers better 3 days itinerary to reach in Rara lake.

From Jumla :

By bus or plane to Jumla bazzar then 3 days walk to the Rara Lake  if you like you can come back Nepalgunj from Talcha airport. Other option, You can back from Gorusinga(Chuchemara  pass) to Bota then back to Jumla from Jaljale lake. This is traditional itinerary , you can down to Nagma from sinja valley then 40 km bus ride to jumla then back to Nepalgunj by flight. If you like to back by bus there are direct bus to Surkhet or Kathmandu.

Talcha to Talcha flight for Rara lake trek

There are 4 flight if you visit Rara lake all the way flight from Kathmandu. From talcha airport it takes 2 hours to reach in the beginning place of Rara lake then 2 hours to reach in park headquarters. Then , you can stay 2 night or 1 night in the Danphe Hotel inside the Rara lake, then after walking 3-4 hours you can fly out to Nepalgunj and Kathmandu.

Rara lake to simikot trek:

It takes 7 days to reach simikot from Rara lake. It is easy to reach simikot from Mugu Rara then come to Rara lake from simikot.

1Rara lake to Ghamgadhi Bazzar

2.Ghamgadhi Bazzar to Bam

3. Bam to Sathopla after crossing Chenkheli  pass

4.Satthopla to Piplang

5. Piplang to Annapani

6. Annapani to Lalikharka

7. laalikharka to Simikot

If you walk from Jumla it takes 10 days to reach Simikot.


Rara lake to Dolpo trek

For this fly to Talcha airport then following this itinerary

1.Rara lake to Chutha

2. Chutha to Jumla

3. Jumla to Cutara(moyra  hill 2 hrs up)

4. Cutra to Khaigaon(Balanga lakes)

5. Khaigaon to Tibrikot

6. Tibrikot to Dunai

7.Rara lake


My Rara Lake trekking experience

I take the bus:

I  buy the ticket to go Jumla after I phone about the weather  in Hotel Jumla. They  inform me no snowing and take two days to reached rara lake from Jumla. I was wander and curious about the Karnali Highways. I heard Road is already concreate from Surkhet to Jumla. I heard it takes 27 hours to access jumla in a 817.80 km  road distance from Kathmandu. Since Many years I had ambition to visit and see raa lake and surrounding village plus culture. Experience from the  trekking guide to trekking operator in Nepal, I had not been visiting  Rara Lake so, this trip I started on 18 Jan 2016 , I become  hearty happy . I meet police , government  service holder and policeman in the bus. They also asked to me about my destination and purpose to visit Rara Lake. I just come to research and see the rara lakes. Most of the time I have that reply  to most of the people in the Bus. One man from the jumla sinja also staying  same seat row and he frequently told about the walking routes  from Surkhet to Jumla. He shows the old trail of the local  people from the bus. Like a hiring guide  frequently he told about the place, name of the rivers, Market and further bus distance to Jumla.

I had a concept Rara lake is only access from the Jumla but Local person jumla who seat besides me suggest me to go Rara lake from Nagma instead to go from Jumla it become shortcut than Jumla. Then I decide the following his guidance to go Rara lake and  thinking after Rara Lake I go to Jumla from Chutha and Danphe lagna. Also from Nagma there are Gravel road to Gamgadhi , the district headquarters of Mugu. Ghamgadhi  is 2 hours down from the Rara Lake. Before going rara lake I had internet google search for the proper Itinerary. According to the google  Search I found following itinerary of the Rara Lake.

Kathmandu to Nepalgunj flight then fly to Jumla

Jumla to Danphe lagna

Danphe Lagna to Choutha

Choutha to Hutu

Hutu to Rara Lake

Rest day in Rara Lake

Rara Lake to Gorisinga

Gorisinga to Sinja

Sinja to Jaljale lake and Jumla

After suggestion of the Local People then I decide to go Rara Lake this way:

Nagma to Choutha

Choutha to Rara Lake

Rest day in Rara Lake

Rara Lake to Choutha

Choutha to Jumla via Danphe Lagna

Bus is moving after kalikot check post 76 km before from Jumla. There was  already sign of the raining. I see next  top of the Hills  was raining. Then I beginning to afraid to falls snow. Even I had strong determination and passion to go Rara Lake. I thought I wait 2-3 days in jumla because I already pass many difficult bus road and I was already in the mouth of the Jumla. When I reached in Nagma already snowing. I get down from the bus at Nagma 40 km ahead from the Jumla Bazzar. Iam looking for the Hotel then staying there with Local people. Tomorrow morning was also snowing , which is more than Yesterday. Still  my desire to go rara lake did not die. Even in the Afternoon snowing wasnot closed. Then I decided to go Jumla and wait 2-3 days  tand to see Jumla. I ride a bus at afternoon but bus did not move  after reaching nearly to Jumla. It is just 10 km remaining to go Jumla. Bus was slippery  and going to become dark. Then I decided to stay that night in the Hotel . Next morning I reached jumla bazzar which took 2 hours to reach jumla. I was happy in the morning  because after I wake up I saw sunrise around the hills. Then I extremely happy  and wish will not further snowing next day. People was enjoying playng snowing in the Jumla Bazzar. I take a tea in a local tea shop and asking the details about the Raa lake trail from Jumla. Tea shop owners says , tomorrow  her villager back to choutha , you can join them. Then my happiness knows  no bounds. Then I asked contact number of the group of villagers  then I go to look Hotel in Jumla. I was stay at the  visit Jumla hotel. Before that I asked the prices of the Hotel. Local journalist  and  Poltical leaders suggest me to stay at Hotel mansarovar but price was high for me. For the single room with Hotshower  cost Rs 1000 NPR. Then I move another hotel called Hotel visit Jumla where was  Rs. 200 NPR  the room without attached bathroom.

I moved to Choutha from Jumla

Next morning  at 5 pm I woke up . Then going to same tea shop  and knocking the door by asking the people to go Choutha. Then tea shop owners reply they are here and  She open the door.Then I visit the man whom I met yesterday whom I told going Choutha together. We follow the road instead to follow Danphe Lek where was more snowed remaining. In the group there was two women and 3 boys including me. We are altogether 5 person in the group. We reached Danphe lagna(Khai)at 12 noon  then decided to launch there. In the tourist general itinerary this is the  1 camp from Jumla.

I meet another group of people also where was working in the village development committee in Choutha.they eat Dhal Bhat ,drinking local wine with mutton. Almost 2 hours time spent there. Then we down to Nwarighat took 1 and half hours . we took black tea in Nwarighat.Thanks local  villagers who assist me and hospitable very much. Again walking more than 1 hours then I stay in kavra(1 hours before than choutha). Night become very nice with drink local wine and goat meat. I stay the hotel  those are accompany from the jumla.

Choutha to Dotu:

I waked up late at 8 AM then take a tea and pay bill of the Hotel . Oh, I have to reach Ghamgadhi Bazzar  or Near distance from the Rara Lake. Some parts of the trail was disturb by the remaining slippery snow. I take a cup of tea at choutha. Then after some parts battery Charge I move to Bhulbhule. In the Bhulbhule I enter one hotel for the launch. I meet the people from  Humla district . His name was Man Bahadur Shai .Before I was confused  either I go to the humla simikot after Rara or no. from the voice I noticed he must be well educated person either he is a teacher or some  government  job holder. He was briefing me so clear, gentle and scholar voice. He wrote in my diary about the staying and launch places. This is my great gratitude of him  to success my trip to simikot and rara lakes.

After launch I continue my yatra  to rara lake. Ghouchu lek was next challenge for me because people told the past events about the missing and dying the person. I follow the seasonable new roads of the rara lake.after walking 15 minutes  I reached a rara national park security camp from the royal Nepalese Army. Every visitors must be enter their name , identity and phone number there. I  also entered the name and my profession. I asked again about the ghouchu ko lek condition. They told me it is not like before and snow is lower layer than yesterday. Then, I beginning to climb up I meet people who are coming from Ghamgadhi and rara lakes. Ghouchu ko lek is the boarder of Mugu andJumla. I successes to reach  Ghouchu ko lek and beginning to photo from my Samsung mobile phone. Again I see someboday coming from the Mugu then I down to the Mugu. I see pheasant on the way to down and some slippery ways. About 20 minutes down I meet the trekkers who  were beginning their trip from Simikot. I asked them why not going to Rara lakes even this is the same way back. They told me they have no time to go there. They doing the family trip  and they hired guide  and porter. I again down down and reach pina. I was very impressed by the natural village life of Pina and all Mugu. I again asked  local people to go the ways about the Rara Lakes. They pointed the places about the Rara lakes location then just I know the reality of the Rara lakes location geography. Local villagers of pinna shows the Jhari village which is 1 hours location from pinna. Oh! Before I reached Jhari one dog pounce me because of my shouting and dog I save  biting from the dog. Finally I reached the Jhari Mugu. There was poular hotel for the accommodation in Jhari called Hotel Mahadev.

Food was very good with mutton curry rice and apple wine. Next morning after tea  I heading to Rara lakes. It takes 2 hours complete to reach the lake and 1 hours  further to go park headquarters and Danphe Hotel. I rest hotel and look around the phewa lake  then I walk to Talcha aiprot along the Rara lakes. I stayed night in Talcha from Jhari to Rara lake then Talcha. I asked the Danphe Hotel they said me room cost  Rs. 900 rupees. In the Talcha Airport  I stayed hotel Basanta  room cost was  Rs. 500  per person. Rice curry and wine plus bed room I pay total Rs. 850 only.

Talcha to Ghamgadhi then Neta:

I motivated to go simikot  perhaps it is my previous desire just making a outlet by the additional inspiration. After talking  the picture of Talcha Airport  I moved down to the Ghamgadhi Bazzar. Because of remaining snows on the way down trail I become lazy to walk and feel tired when walking slow and difficult. Finally I reached Ghamgadhi Bazzar which is located in the small hills and full of grocery shops, Bhattis , tea shop and different kinds of the government office including police check post  etc. I spent more than 2 hours there in Ghamgadhi Bazzar  then fixed the next destination to go Neta. I down to the Mugu Karnali then crossing the river after this walking like a one and half hours. I meet the local people on the way up Neta from bridge of Mugu Karnali. They are teasing about my big Belly because of that I couldnot walk up continuously I have to rest after walking some step up. After reaching Neta I asked for the shelter. I found one house where I have to sleep in the ground floor where is the tea shop. I enjoy talking with children. Exchange the ideas about the local life , occupation etc. I couldnot sleep in the night because of the down floor and isolated location. I  wait for the morning. I heard the sound of the donkey early morning which is coming from Humla. In the morning.

Neta  to Chenkheli Lek-Satthopolo then Bohora Gaun:


After taking tea and bread I walked to the Chenkheli lek . I already make speed fast in the morning  then reached the places called Bama within 2 hours. I rest some time in the Bama then again walked up to the Chenkheli lek. I walked 3 hours up to the Chenkheli Lek. At the top there was a Guest houses  more than small basic lodges. I again walked down to the Sat thopla. Way is easier then from Ghouchi ko lek to Pinna. It taes me 2 hours down to the Satthopla from Chenkheli lek. Again down from Satthopla then I reached small places where was also two small tea house lodge called Bhatti. I meet the local person  on the way , he directed to me the places to stay in Bohara Gaun which is before the Dharma. Places  even small was nice and good food. Old man explain the foreign guest also staying there 3 days before whom I meet down to the ghouchu lek. I heard in the days 3 they are coming from simikot.


Bohora Gaun-Deuraili-Piplang –Sarkighat

The way is completely down to the rivers. It  was hot even was not yet February. From Piplang some section road is difficult just by the narrow. I walked along the Humla Karnali takes 3 hours from Piplang to sarkighat . I have nice time in the hotel. Food and accommodation was quite good. I meet the local people hanging around the kitchen and drink roxi with the mutton curry . actually , this part I couldnot forget . Next morning I know   the next  incident about the elopement marriage. This was the system of the local people that after marriage they are compromise with the family members.

Sarkighat to laikharka:

Actually road was not difficult just following the Karnali rivers. On the way there are Bhatti  with the fish barbeque was very tasty. From Piplang I taste the fish and local wine . I appreciated very much for their delicious food. I meet the VDC secretary on the way to go up. Even my orginal planning to go Sunkhada but I reached the lalikhara with the VDC incharge. We sharing the experience about the trip. He also been in the Dolpo  ringmo and Phoksundo Lake. In  the Evening nice drink and meal . still I feel cheaper there in the comparison the prices.


Lalikharka –Tribeni-simikot

After walking two hours I reach tribeni Ghat. I see the rivers there from Manasarovar. Everywhere there is a road construction work. From there it takes me 2 hours to reach simikot. Amazing simikot market close every half of  the month. I stay one hotel there food was good . next day I changed the mentality like to back to Home. Then, I get the ticket of the Tara airlines and fly to Nepalgunj.


In conclusion:

Jumla rara to simikot trip was quite awesome. I like to go there again   if I have time and time favors me. Quite local  and organic place. Simplicity of the local people, cheap and local prices food specially mutton rice and fish, friendly people and organic livelihood. There are construction working this time to build the road. I donot know what will be the impact after reaching the motor road there. Next planning I like to go Dolpo to explore the nature. Lets see.

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