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Hiking around Kathmandu valley

Hiking around Kathmandu valley,Hiking Near Kathmandu,Hiking near Kathmandu Nepal,Hiking routes around Kathmandu valley,Hiking places around Kathmandu,Hiking routes around Kathmandu,Hiking best sites in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is like a bowl by a geographical features. Even inside the bowls  there are many bowling and bubbling around the bowls heavenly peaceful places where you amuse and feel relaxation. Kathmandu is the commercial vibrant city but still peaceful places around the Kathmandu valley for sightseeing hiking tours. You can use the spare time with the Nature, view point and some voluntarily physical challenges without going far from the center. Evening you can join the city life and compare the easy and alternative styles of life by the day trip events. Things to see around Kathmandu and recommended by the experience travelers and travel book various cultural and natural site of the Kathmandu valley.

Look around the kathmnandu valley to research the local culture, feeling a new atmosphere around the country and hilly areas of Kathmandu hiking around kathmandu will be more worthful. Around kathmandu valley there are mix comminuty living and without going far from the center, you can feel a remote variety of the life.

Shivapuri hills hiking

Shivapuri hiking is the nearest and best hiking  tours around Kathmandu valley. If you like adventurous hiking than other hiking , we recommended a day hiking tours to shivapuri Peak(2700m).it takes around 7-8 hours going up and down. From Manimuhan Shivapuri entrance get there are many hiking option. Shivapuri to Sundarijal hiking, Shivapuri to Chisapani hiking, Shivapuri to kakani hiking  are the major hiking destination from Shivapuri. Bagdwar is the sources of river Bagmati and water resources of Kathmandu valley. Nagi monastery,Shivapuri cave, Soaring views of Kathmandu valley  are other attraction in the Shivapuri hills hiking. One feels remoteness and wilderness not far from the Kathmandu city. So number of visitors like to one day hiking in Shivapuri hills around Kathmandu valley. Permit of Shivapuri national park cost Rs 56 NPR for Nepalese and Saarac nationality and Rs. 500 NPR for the other Nationality. In 1976 Watershed region convert to National park as a Shivapuri Nagarjun National park in 2009 AD. Many foreign tourist and local Nepalese people attract to visit this park day by day.


Champadevi Hiking tours

Champadevi hiking beginning from Pherping on the way to go Dashain kali temple or from Kritpur Matsayagaon. Champadevi hill seemed wall between Pherping Kritipur village matsayagaon. From Pherping there are two starting point for Champadevi hiking. From Chalnakhel and  Down from the Hattiban resort it is possible to hike. It takes more than 2 and less than 3 hours to reach the top of the Champadevi. Champadevi is the name of the Goddess Champadevi Bagabati. From there down to matsyagaon from Deurali. One can see the Vasmasur hills and next of this hills there are Chandragiri hills. Scenic hamlet views , lotus mountain terrain, refreshing air, sounds of the Birds, Alpine forest are the sources to hike the Champadevi hiking.From Champadevi hiking possible to connect Vansmasur and Chandragiri hills. Due to the Cable car newly making in Chandragiri hills , future of Champadevi hiking tours are very bright and chances to visit lots of tourist there.


Hiking in Nagarjun hills:

Among other hiking point nearest hiking point of Kathmandu valley . entrance point is just 1 km from the by pass or Aashtanarayan cinema hall. Nagarjun hills also submitted as a shivapuri Nagarjun hills National park in 2009. It takes 2 hours to reach the top of the Nagarjun hills. It is the meditative places for the Buddhist Nagarjuna. From the top of the Nagarjun hills offers the views of magnificent Kathmandu valley as well as the langtang Himalaya ranges. It is 2050 m height from the sea level. This hiking very popular to taste the trekking and backpacking ability in Kathmandu valley. It cost Rs 56 for the Nepalese people and RS 500 NPR for tourist to enter the Nagarjun hills. It is just 4 km to go hiking starting point.

Nagarkot Hiking

It takes 3 hours to hike nagarkot from Sankhu.Nagarkot is the popular hiking point because of the sunrise views and facility to stay one night there for next morning sun rise views. Due to the transportation, Accommodation facility  Nagarkot develop not only hiking point , also popular sunrise touristic destination. It is also possible to trek from Chisapani and Sankhu. Possible trek down to Chagunarayan temple or Dhulikhel from Nagarkot.beside from hiking tours Nagarkot become the popular destination for  the seminar, party, events.


Phulchowki Hills hiking:

Phulchowki is little far from the center and top of the Godavari botanical garden. It is best places for mountain views and observation the Terai from Kathmandu valley. It also takes 6 hours to go and come back from the top. Down hills from Phulchowki there are opening a paragliding facility.


Chandra Giri hills hiking:

Takes 2 hours from Thankot to reach the top of the Chadragiri. Now a days going to finished the Cable car facility to the Chandragiri hills Kathmandu.It is the hills from where King of Gorkha success to conquer Kathmandu by blessing the Goddess Chandragiri and see the valley clearly from the top of Chandragiri hills.




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