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Home Trekking in nepal Dhaulagiri Trekking
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Dhaulagiri  circuit Trekking


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Dhaulagiri  Trekking  one of the adventureours  trekking in Nepal organized the  our trekking agency mountain air guided adventures.  Dhaulagiri trek, dhaulagiri trekking,Dhaulgari circuit trekking called around the circuit trek of the mount Dhaulagiri.  book with us , you will benefit from this trip to observe the Nepal country and himalaya.

Dhaulagiri trekking itinerary, Dhaulagiri trekking permit,  Dhaulagiri trekking guide,Dhaulagiri trekking package, cost of  Dhaulagiri trekking

Dhaulagiri circuit trekking itinerary, itinerary of Dhaulagiri circuit

Day 1 - Arrive in Kathmandu

Day 2 - Fly Pokhara, drive Darbang

Day 3 - Trek to Sibang (Beyond Takam)

Distance 13.17 km

Ascent 1294 m

Descent 595 m

Day 4 - Trek to Naura Bhir

Distance 15.03 km

Ascent 840 m

Descent 1164 m

Day 5 - Trek via Jyardin to Lapche Kharka

Distance 12.78 km

Ascent 1377 m

Descent 686 m

Day 6 - Trek to Sallaghari

Distance 8.99 km

Ascent 1321 m

Descent 717 m

Day 7 - Trek to ‘Italian Basecamp'

Distance 9.88 km

Ascent 969 m

Descent 189 m

Day 8 - Data Missing

Day 9 - Acclimatisation Day

Day 10 - Trek to Dhaulagiri Basecamp

Distance 8.28 km

Ascent 705 m

Descent 173 m

Day 11 - Acclimatisation Day

Day 12 - Cross French Pass

Distance 9.17 km

Ascent 889 m

Descent 462 m

Day 13 - Contingency Day

Day 14 - Cross Dhampus Pass

Distance 13.92 km

Ascent 572 m

Descent 1834 m

Day 15 - Descent to Marpha (Before Jomson)

Distance 5.31 km

Ascent 62 m


Preparation of the Dhaulagiri trek: Since Raphel  inquiry about Dhaulagiri trek, iam looking for the tent and necessary staff. He also want climbing Thapa peak, so I also arrange the Climbing Sherpa. I have other work to estimate  how many porter and food need for this trip. At last I manage  3 porter, one climbing guide, One guide who has already been there. Also buy necessary food, kitchen equipment. Then, we departure from Kathmandu to Beni for Dhaulagiri circuit treks. We buy vegetable, kerosene in Beni.

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Food in Dhaulagiri circuit trek: Marconi, Spaghetti, Bread, Rice and curry, oat and Champa porridge, Pancake,  seasonal fruits,  etc.

Difficulty in Dhaulagiri circuit trek:  it is not problem about altitude sickness before Italian base camp, there is only physically difficult trip. This  trail help the maintain the body condition in the high altitude sickness. After Italian base camp there are Glacier , so it is very important water proof shoes, down jacket, technically knowledgeable Staff. Before swiss and after Italian base camp Narrow and difficult trail, that time need a rope, crampons.

Similarly Dhaulagiri base camp to Hidden valley there are difficult part is French  col and down is have to careful about the crevasse. In other way, Down to  Thapa pass there are confusion the way and most of the time cloudy, so  one must be careful from this.

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Communication: There is sky mobile phone up to the Dobang. In the Italian base camp have facility to satellite phone. After Italian base camp  and Before Marpha , there is no communication , so it is very recommended hiring satellite phone.

Photography and Battery Charge: It is necessary to extra battery for photography. Also there is available , solar battery charge in Kathmandu. Up to the Italian base camp there is limitation of charging  battery, they charge you Rs. 200 per hour even scarcity of charging.


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Altitude sickness: when altitude sickness symptoms, it is better to down. Near the hidden valley, up to the Dhaulagiri base camp if  severe sickness, better to ask the Helicopter by satellite phone communication. It is not problem up to the Italian base camp about this, because from there getting down is easy in comparison after the Italian base camp.

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Discussion itinerary and trekking style of Dhaulagiri circuit trekking

Permit of Dhaulagiri circuit trek, Timms card and Annapurna conservation area fee. Our dhaulagiri circuit trek agency managed this permit of Dhaulagiri circuit trekking.

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Mix of tea house and camping trekking:Up to the italian base camp it is tea hosue possible but launch is not available in the way. to save the food in the Dhaulagiri base camp , hidden valley, Glacier camp , Yak kharka it is better to eat local tea houses. It saves  the money to hire one porter. Itinerary of the dhaulagiri trekking is flexible and possible to climb the Thapa peak as well as.


Permit of Dhaulagiri circuit trek, trek permit of Dhaulagiri circuit trek,trek permit of Dhaulagiri circuit trek

Everest base camp trek is most popular trek in Nepal which is takes at least 12 days from kathmandu